leyazaini 4eva after

leyazaini 4eva after

leyazaini foreva after

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sayang.... I miss you!!!!
ok actually im soo much miss my husband. although its only for ten days... but for those yg memang everyday attached to each other definitely it will be hard. so ari ni nye citer mmg based on rase rindu yg "membara" ni. hehehe.. serious! well... although tak la jauh sangat. kat melaka je tapi since keje dia is no longer office hour based nak keep in touch tu mmg susah cket. yela.. kalo kite ni sihat walafiat takpe. masih lagi dengan morning sickness yg actually bukan kene morning je tapi 3-4 kali per day. mmg tough lebih2 lagi bile dia jauh. aaarrgh!!!! rase cam lain je. maklumlah selalu pe2 sayang mmg disisi. anyway, sama ade nak atau tak i have to accept! and i do realize that no matter he/she is your husband/wife, ada masenye anda terpaksa mengorbankan emosi and masa in order to survive . actually macam kiteorg ni, we do learn to be more tolerance and appreciate each other.. ape pun aku cukup bersyukur for having him in life... thanks honey for being there for me. 

and yea.. i feel more bless dengan baby yg sedang membesar inside of me.