leyazaini 4eva after

leyazaini 4eva after

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Salam Ramadhan to all of u. its been so long... guess not much time to write in here. been bz with life n tonnes of work to be done.
Neway... would luv to announce that we've just celebrate our third anniversary on 26th August 2009. nothing much...as it falls on fasting month. hehe... (i knw sum of u might be notty ...) Im really thankfull for having him in life. A great guy... its not only bout emotions but i must admit that he is d only guy that make me feel content. he is my best friend, a great lover, a guardian and on top of all he is d guy who have courage to say "aku terima nikah Eliawaty Bt Jasmi dengan mas kahwinnya RM 120.00 tunai...". yup...true he is not perfect but... he is d best thing that hapen in life beside our cute lil' prince Muhammad harief Eiman and our unborn baby. luv u sayang...
oh yeah! almost forgot... We gonna have a new family member by February 2010.. InsyaAllah. Looking forward for a gal.. but if d faith say it will be a boy I dont mind as long our baby is fine n healthy though d both of them will seriously drive us mad... hahaha.
well thats all for now. will try to be available again soon... have a great Ramadhan

"...may the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away those pain you found in your yesterday...Thanks Allah for the blessed poured on us"