leyazaini 4eva after

leyazaini 4eva after

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dedicated to three important person that lies in a special place.... my HEART
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

US.... WIth LoVe..

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since my hubby will fly to 9 countries due to At Tijarrah progam 9which means... we'll not gonna see other for almost two month... huhu), we decided to go for short vacation last week. Though we x have much time to co-ordinate our trip but we do have fun.... esspecially harief. we stayed in Seri Malaysia Ayer Keroh... (act we do book mahkota hotel at d beginning... : ( ) where we do enjoy d quiet scenery... and we really accomplished d mission; go for jalan - jalan. hehehe.

our beloved princes.... 2H (Harief & Haffiey) while still otw to malacca

tell ya been dreaming to try eye on malaysia (eversince aief still in me.... hehe) and was thinking that d dream will come true that day... however........ m so unfortunate as d dream will stay as a dream...... uwaaaaa....... it was closed!! how can this be??? m soo sad...dissapointed. i know my B realize my dissaponitment sohe on the spot suggest that we should go for taming sari tower and he promised me d adventure will be d same. and here we r at taming sari revolving tower...

first, we tried the drypers contest... and i've won magnetic stickers, colorful sticker for aief and drypers of course for haffiey... yeay!!

in taming sari tower.... aief was fine in d beginning... once he realize that we at some height he WENT BESERK.... goshh.... tried our level best to calm him down. just realized that he scared of height. hmmm......
with azim who also a height 'freak'... hehehe

later we went to dataran pahlawan Megamall... checking out for anytg new.... i.e; sale!!! hahahaha

hubby n aief was enjoying jacq's performance @ AIM roadshow-Dataran Pahlawan Megamall

as aief was so tired... we x have much time to take lunch... so we tapau Mc D burgers set n planning to have it once we reach hotel... huhu.. (where act we finish it in d car..).

once check in aief was so excited wt d swimming pool... so "babah" have no choice as he have to bring him there... hehehe. (know he is tired... but he is a great babah to our children... luv u honey). later, after maghribs prayers we heading to Umbai... for dinner.

dinner in umbai.... d material was so fresh but d taste not up to my standard... hehe

next day... after good breakfast @jonkers cafe, aief as usual was still crazee for swimming... and here we r

aief was surrounded by 3 beautiful gal... hehehe

was waiting for harief eiman before i joined harief
(after d incident wer he tried to drown himself in adult pool.... degil punye pasal!!).

after having so much fun in d pool we check out round 12 + and was heading back to pusat bandaraya. hubby took us to see d baba nyonya area.... then having asam pedas for lunch, bought souveniers for both families..... then we headed back to Putrajaya.

alas...its not much as d time was so limited (budget was quite tight too.. hehe) but we do ENJOY our short trip and the most important thing is "being together"....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


first of all, Alhamdulillah.... syukur atas kurniaannya. After those hard time, finally.... He answers our prayers.... Alhamdulillah....
Ya Allah sesungguhnya Engkaulah Sebaik-baik tempat mengadu..
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hi... been so long. does'nt have much time to write in here. been bz with workload as i just came back from maternity leave. 60days dude!! seriously a long period. neway i would love to announce that i've give birth to a cute baby boy on 24th Jan 2010@ 12.30am...... n we named him Muhammad Haffiey Ilhan Bin Mohd Zaini. Alhamdulillah... everything went smooth. there's no complication. both of us are in good condition. nothing serious (will tell bout my xperience in labor room in next post).
so..... ladies n gents we r proudly presenting our 2H...hehehe! shortform of both prince of us... harief n haffiey....(but! trust me will seriously drive us mad with both tantrums). bless u my babies...Really proud of you